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ACE is currently available for MorphOS and Haiku only.

ACE is localized in French1), English2) and German3) languages.


It is the main version which is always up-to-date with the latest features.

Fichiers Description
ACE v1.22 The emulator in its native version.
Some default expansion plugins4) and their SDK5).
The system ROMs for all CPC models6).
A extensive documentation.
The arec2raw tool7).
Some example scripts to control ACE from AREXX or Lua.
Ambient filetypes for Amstrad CPC files recognition.
Additional expansion modules (ACEpansions)
Albireo v1.3 Expansion module which emulates Albireo card so that UniDOS can be used within ACE.
This is the perfect replacement for the tape to hard disc wrapper.
Cycle counter v1.1 Expansion module which let you access processor's cycle counters from Z80 code.
rexxmathlib.library AREXX math library from Thomas Richter which is required by some example scripts.
rasm Roudoudou's Z80 assembler.
vasm Z80 assembler from Volker Barthelmann recompiled for MorphOS by myself.
Hideur Makeur CPC file header handling tool from Aittahar Mounir recompiled for MorphOS by myself.


This is still a beta version based on a old version of ACE, but it is working almost as expected.

Fichiers Description
ACE v1.19.0beta The emulator ported by PulkoMandy.
Some default expansion plugins8).
The system ROMs for all CPC models9).
A extensive documentation.
The arec2raw tool10).
Some example scripts to control ACE .


Fichiers Description
(POSIX source code)
POSIX-compatible source code of the arec2raw tool from ACE.
Useful to convert then encode ACE video recordings on another computer11).
To be compiled on your preferred machine.
ROMs d'extension d'Arnor Ltd. The famous Arnor's tools ROMs12).
This package includes:
- Utopia: usefull system tools.
- Maxam: an easy to use assembler.
- Protext: the text editor and word processor Maxam is based on.
- Promerge: an extension of Protext.
- BCPL: a BCPL interpreter.
1) , 2) including the online bubbles-help and documentation
3) including online bubbles-help, not the full docmentation yet
4) , 8) for emulation of joysticks, printer, mice, light guns, sound cards and more
5) so that you can create your own ones
6) , 9) freeware distribution allowed by Amstrad Ltd. for usage into emulators only
7) , 10) to convert ACE video recordings (AREC files) into raw audio and video files
11) more powerfull, less cute
12) freeware distribution allowed by Arnor Ltd. for usage into emulators only
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