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ACE entirely in a screen

Hereafter: ACE opened on a huge public screen with most of its secondary windows and a shell allowing manipulations through the AREXX interface.

Full size grab

Main window

Note : screen grabbing in not possible in overlay mode, the grabs on this section were done with the overlay disabled and the actual display on your MorphOS computer will be really better.

In normal mode

In debug mode

Secondary windows

Memory editor

Z80 editor

CRTC editor

PSG analyzer

Gate Array analyzer

Video information

Z80 disassembler

Breakpoints manager

Screen monitor preferences

Virtual keyboard

(With the standard layout coming from the firmware ROM)

(With the on-the-fly generated layout coming from the keyboard of the host machine)

Virtual joystick

CPC+ specific windows

Hard sprites analyzer

DMA analyzer (CPC+)

About the emulated CPC window

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