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The acidulous CPC/CPC+ emulator.

Copyright © 2011-2024 Philippe Rimauro all rights reserved.

“An Amstrad CPC emulator? Again?”

Yes! Yet another CPC emulator, anyway ACE is different.

  • ACE does not run on Windows, macOS or Linux.
  • ACE does not hurt the PSG musics.
  • ACE does not damage what is displayed on the screen.

ACE has not been done for you!

  • ACE is designed for MorphOS1) and is actively ported on Haiku.
  • ACE does emulate an accurate PSG the way it is mixed on CPC.
  • ACE does show on screen what the real CPC would.

ACE is the missing step of the evolution!

  • ACE is not based on any existing emulator and was coded from scratch, using a real CPC a reference.
  • ACE does offer infinite expansion capabilities thanks to its AREXX interface and expansion plugin API.
  • ACE does run one frame on a small little G4 with only a few hundred MHz.

What else?

  • ACE for MorphOS is written 100 % in C language and its GUI is based on MUI (Magic User Interface).
  • ACE for Haiku is written in C and C++ and uses the BeAPI with Haiku specific extensions.
  • ACE gave birth to ACE-DL, to console those who only have Windows, macOS or Linux.

And to take much more from ACE, don't hesitate to:

Note: screen grabbing in not possible in video overlay mode, the grabs on this page were done with the overlay disabled and the actual display on your MorphOS computer will be really better.

1) Native version
2) , 3) LiberaChat network
4) OFTC network
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